Tuesday, 10 April 2012

OCC Craft Group - Yo-yo caterpillars

This month's craft group activity was inspired by an idea in a post from Mermaid's Purse that I saw a while ago. I had been given a large bag of fabric scraps last year, and in it was an old book of furnishing fabric samples, in a range of bright and jewel-like colours. I've been looking for a good way to use them, and this seemed like a good opportunity. Although the blog author did not give instructions, she indicated that she hoped someone else would replicate her idea, which is what I then set out to do.

Firstly, how to make a yo-yo. Easy. Draw around an old cd. Cut out the circle, and sew a running stitch around the edge, about 1/4 inch in, gather up and fasten off tightly. Flatten out into a neat circle.

Make some more. I used 20 yo-yos for each caterpillar. (I got 4 circles out of each piece of fabric, and by folding in 4 and cutting 4 at a time, it went much quicker!)

Then I cut out 2 circles of felt, slightly larger than the yo-yos. On one pice of felt, I made a face using PVA glue to stick on 2 wiggly eyes (you could use felt to make the eyes), a smiley felt mouth, and antenna, made out of a 'V' shape of craft pipe cleaner, stuck onto the back.

I then made up the body by threading through the centre of the other piece of felt, then through the centres of 20 yo-yos using a long piece of cotton knitting yarn. (You could use elastic for this too.) At the end, I took a small circle of felt and threaded that on too. 

Then I stitched back through the small felt circle, and back through all the yo-yo centres and finally back through the larger felt circle. I made sure there were no loops between the yo-yo, then tied a secure knot in the cotton.

I trimmed the ends of the cotton yarn, and then started to sew the face onto the other piece of felt. You can use an oversewing stitch or perhaps a blanket stitch for this. 

Halfway around, I inserted a circle of cardboard, slightly smaller than the felt circles, in between, to make the head a bit more rigid.

Here's my finished caterpillar.

I think he'll make a nice bright gift to tuck into a shoebox. 

You need quite a lot of yo-yos (20) for each caterpillar, so I decided to help out the ladies of the craft group by doing some preparation beforehand.

Here's some I made earlier....

...and some waiting to be made up...

At our craft afternoon last week, our ladies soon got stuck in!

Sewing the yo-yos...

... making the faces....

... and assembling the caterpillars.

At least eveyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and those ladies that didn't quite manage to finish their caterpillars are always very good at taking them home to finish as 'homework'!


Thank you once again, ladies, for giving your time to make these gifts for OCC shoeboxes. 
See you next month!


  1. The caterpillars are so cute, and sure to be a hit with the little ones!

  2. How many inches round should the yo-yos be?

  3. these are awesome, but as a mother i would ask for eyes that won't fall off, or get sucked off...just sew cute though

  4. I have a shoebox over run with yo-yo's I've made while watching tv news. This is a great idea. Thanks.


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