Walking the Thames Path

Between 31/12/2011 and 31/12/2014 we walked the Thames Path National Trail. Living close to the Thames, our nearest point being Dorney, we enjoyed walking many stretches between Windsor and Henley. At the end of 2011 we decided to walk a new stretch every month in order to get to see other parts of the countryside that we had not visited.

I have gathered all posts about the walks together here. To anyone wanting to walk the Thames Path, or just wanting a nice day out walking by the river, I hope you find these posts useful. The Thames Path is an easily accessible trail for the most part. I have given some logistical information like where to park, or transport used, in each entry.

There are one or two gaps in the series of write-ups. We are confident that we have walked the whole trail, but we walked some stretches before this became a 'project' and I didn't have pictures of these walks.

The walks can be accessed either by clicking a blue pin on the map, or by following the links below the map, where the walks are in order from the Source to the Thames Barrier.

I hope you enjoy reading about the Thames Path walks as much as we have enjoyed walking them!

Gap Day's Lock to Shillingford
Gap Hurley to Windsor

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