Friday, 17 July 2015

Puppet News

It's been quite a while since my last puppety update back in April, when I had just started puppet no 26. I have now finished 70 puppets, so here are some pictures of my progress since then. I am knitting them in sets of 5 as it is easy to keep count of them. It is also a good number for using up, say, a particular colour or type of wool for that set without becoming tired it!

So these are numbers 26 - 30 and are all made in mohair which makes a nice big and cuddly puppet, good for older children's shoeboxes.

This next set, 31 - 35, were all made using some red and cream fluffy yarn that I found in a charity shop (this is where I source a lot of my yarn!) Again, these are quite large puppets, knitted on 5 mm needles.

For the next set, 36 - 40, I have reverted to 4.5 mm needles which is what I normally use for double knit yarn. An old favourite, these rainbow puppets, although the green has not come out well in the picture. It is much brighter in real life.

Another set of rainbow puppets make numbers 41- 45. These all have different coloured funky hair to pick out the pastel shades.

I made numbers 46 - 50 using a combination of navy wool with some greeny coloured varigated yarn. I lile experimenting with the different stripy patterns too, but tend to have used the same 5 variations in most of the sets so far this year. They all have green and red hair - well, why not?

More varigated yarn provides a theme for numbers 51 -55, this time in an attractive mix of blue, pink and purple. Different coloured contrasting yarn in each provide the stripes, and the funky hair is still ongoing.

The next teddy puppets have been made using 3 shades of the same colour, going from dark at the bottom to a light face. Somehow I always think light faces look better, but I am in no way a racist! I had so many different colours in my stash that I managed to make this variation in 10 different shades, so here are numbers 56 - 65.

And lastly, another rainbow variation. These were made using small balls of yarn that had been gifted to us together for Operation Christmas Child, in lovely bright colours. I decided to keep them together and play about with a new stripe pattern. This brings me up to date with puppets number 66 - 70.

Only another 30 to reach my 100 target once again in 2015!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow! You have been busy. The funky hair is a great idea. I would never have thought of that.

  2. They are all fabulous! you are doing really well it looks like you will reach your target way ahead of schedule. :)

  3. Incredible! These look so fun to make. Very inspiring!

  4. Fabulous puppets. The children will be thrilled with them. Well done you.
    I know this must be a busy time for you, but in the new year any chance of printing the knitted snake pattern with the curly tongue? It looks good for the shoe boxes for boys. I have been busy making the plain bears with snowflake wool and they feel wonderful on the hands. Not only good for playing with but they keep the hands warm. Double the fun. Thanks Janice

    1. The snake pattern is here, both straight and curly versions.


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