Thursday, 2 April 2015

Puppet news

It may seem that my puppets have been neglected of late, and indeed, Frederick has taken over quite a bit for the moment. Frederick the Literate is a cross-stitch piece that I am working on. Being worked on black material I can only work on him in daylight hours, so my evenings are still spent knitting puppets which have been slowly but surely stacking up.

The set of 10 teddies below are all worked with double strands of 4 ply or thin double knitting wool, which gives quite a pleasing mottled effect. The blue wool which they all have as a base was donated to our Operation Christmas Child warehouse a while ago by a man whose wife had recently died. The bag he brought contained an almost fully knitted garment but sadly no pattern, and so I unpicked all the wool and have tried to put it to good use. I think this is a good cause as the teddies will bring a smile to some childrens' faces.

After the blue teddies, I embarked on an old favourite - rainbow puppets. I decided for a change to give each of this set of 5 puppets a different colour hair. I think they're rather fun. I hope the children will agree.

And then, of course, with Easter on the way, it had to be a set of bunny puppets. No matter that they will actually go into Christmas boxes later in the year, these look quite spring-like just now. If you'd like to knit one, my pattern can be found here.

I have now started on another set of five teddy puppets in mohair yarn, which is always nice and cuddly and makes a good sized puppet.

Here is the first one, and this is number 26 of this year's puppets.

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  1. More great puppets and thanks for the idea of using fuzzy yarn. I would never have thought of that. But I have some that would be perfect for a puppet.

  2. Wow, 26 puppets already, and it's only the beginning of April! Way to go! They're all adorable, though the wool ones make me itch...... ;-)

  3. Your puppets are always super cute love the bunnies. Happy Easter! :) xx


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