Friday, 13 March 2015

Frederick on Friday

At the moment I am quite addicted to stitching Frederick, and progress has been good this week. The weather has been largely bright and I  have been sitting in the conservatory where the light is good, which makes stitching easier.

From this last week...

To this this week.

My husband accused me of "cherry picking" to get the cat stitched but I am simply working my way from left to right across the pattern. I am pleased with this week's progress.

I only work on this during daylight hours. Artificial light is not good for working on such dark fabric, so evenings are for knitting puppets!


  1. My husband just walked past as I was looking at your post and commented on how detailed your work looked. I went to a previous post to show how Frederick will look and he said he can see why you hurried on with the cat and he would if it was him ( not that he can sew )

  2. Frederick is taking form, and he looks good!


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