Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Puppet news

It is only five days since I made a start on this year's puppets and they have been tripping nice and easily off the needles.

The first five came out like this. There is a unifying background colour of purple, set against different coloured stripes and different patterns of stripes.

I've decided to continue this theme, using these same five stripe patterns but varying the yarn and colours. Only 19 more sets to go then! I may deviate from this if I happen to come up with another 'special' puppet pattern.

Talking of patterns, all my 'special' puppet patterns can be found under the 'Patterns' tab above.

I'm breaking with tradition and using the blogger app on the ipad to write this. I've already written a post and lost it all, so this is my second attempt. The app is not sophisticated in terms of formatting and adding links, so I may have to revert to my trusty old PC to refine it if I'm not happy. If anyone out there has experience of blogging using the ipad I would be happy to hear any tips or recommendations.


  1. Lovely puppets I like the purple and stripe theme a great way to use up your stash too. I didn't even know there was a blogger app for the ipad I will have to install it and have a go. :) xx

  2. Making very good progress on your puppets! Love the purple.

  3. You are such a proficient puppet maker! I think I like your teddy puppets most of all. I can't help with the ipad question because I don't have one!


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