Thursday, 5 February 2015

First Puppet of 2015

Last month I spent quite a bit of time documenting our Thames Path walks, which we completed at the end of December 2014. I still have some bits of editing to do, and hope to bring together all the walks for the whole length of the Thames into one page. That is still work in progress.

I have been knitting for myself so far this year. A jumper with some sparkly wool, yet to be sewn up, is waiting in my work basket.

I've also made a nice warm Aran hat, to combat the icy winds that we've been having lately. I will write up the pattern for this soon.

Yesterday I decided it was time to make a start on this year's puppets, so here is the first one for 2015.  Like last year, I plan to post a picture of the latest puppet on the right side bar to help me keep count. I keep pictures of all the puppets here.

Only 99 to go!


  1. The Aran hat looks interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern.

  2. Lovely hat, it looks cosy and warm and Mr puppet number one is very cute. :)

  3. He's a cutie. Love the aran hat!


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