Monday, 26 January 2015

Thames Path - Wolvercote to Swinford

Date of Walk:  23 August 2014
Approx Distance of Walk: 5 km (3 miles)
 Parking/Transport: 2 cars, one parked at car park in Wolvercote (Grid Ref SP 488094)
one parked at Talbot Inn, Swinford (Grid Ref SP 440089)
Starting Point: Godstow Bridge.
Finishing Point: Swinford Bridge.

 For this stretch we were joined by my in-laws who are also keen walkers. We left one car at the Talbot Inn pub near Swinford Bridge, having obtained permission from the landlord. We all drove back to Wolvercote where we parked in a small car park in the village.

We ate our packed lunch in a picnic area adjacent to the car park before setting off westwards to join the Thames Path just past the Trout Inn.

The path is clearly signed on the western bank of the river, but just in case of any doubt, Mr PL shows the way.

It is a pleasant walk on a late summers day.

Soon we pass beneath the busy A34 trunk road.

A well-paved path takes us towards King's Lock...

... conveniently by-passing some small bends in the river.

King's Lock is busy with boats.

People are making the most of the nice weather at the end of summer.

Action shot of the skipper stepping on board his cruiser.

We leave the lock and follow a grassy path through meadows.

A gaggle of geese nosily take to the water from the opposite bank.

Suddenly the skies darken and we are hit by a couple of summer squalls. It is unusual for us not to be carrying proper raincoats, but Mr PL insisted that no rain was in the forecast for today, so we just took flimsy ponchos. Mine had a huge hole in the back! I was glad that I'd slipped the umbrella into my rucksack when we set off on the walk, as it did give me a bit of protection.

Fortunately the sun came out again and we gradually dried off.

We were surprised to see some folk swimming in the river as we approached Eynsham Lock.

We were keen to get to our destination to properly dry off, and were therefore glad to see Swinford Bridge just past the lock.

We walked across the bridge, stopping to peer briefly downstream through the balustrade.

The Talbot Inn was then just a short walk up the road. As we ended a very nice meal there, Mr PL was still wringing the water from the sleeves of his fleece!

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