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Thames Path - Radcot to Lechlade

Date of Walk:  25 May 2014
Approx Distance of Walk: 8 km (5 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Memorial Hall in Lechlade GL7 3AY
Starting Point: Radcot Bridge
Finishing Point: Ha'penny Bridge, Lechlade

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We parked our car in Lechlade and took a taxi to the small hamlet of Radcot. From here we would walk upstream back to Lechlade.

The river divides at Radcot and there are two bridges over the two streams. This is the newer bridge...

... and after walking a little way on along the northern bank...

... the older bridge comes into view.

The river winds its way along...

... to Grafton Lock.

The boat's name is quite apt...

... for our quiet picnic stop by the lock.

It is a pleasant path along the meandering river as we walk past Kelmscott.

We start to see this line of beech trees, which seems to stretch for miles.

And the river continues to meander.

We come to Buscot Lock, which suddenly seems busy with people after the quiet paths we have been treading. This is due to it's proximity to Buscot village and car parking.

We leave the lock after a brief refreshment break and pick up the tall beech trees once again.

Boats seem to be moving through the fields, although they are really on the very bendy river.

Crossing a footbridge we pass beneath St John's Bridge and can see St John's Lock up ahead.

This is the first lock on the Thames.

A statue of Old Father Thames.

St John's Lockhouse.

We leave the lock and are now only a short walk across the field before reaching Lechlade.

The church spire signifies that we are close to the town.

We approach the Ha'penny Bridge.

Crossing the bridge we take in the view of the path we have travelled.

And so we return to our car in Lechlade after a lovely day's walking.

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