Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thames Path - Oxford to Wolvercote

  Even though it is quite a short stretch, we did this walk in two parts on two different days. However I am combining them in one post.

Part 1
Circular walk to Wolvercote - return along Oxford canal.

Date of Walk: 10 November 2012
Approx Distance of Walk: 5 km (3 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Car Park near Botley (Grid Reference SP 502073) (fees apply) 
Starting and finishing Point: Car Park as above.

From the car park we walk west towards the river. We cross the river by a marina and follow the Thames Path northwards on the west side of the river.

In the distance the spires of Oxford are visible. The pastures are flooded from the recent heavy rains.

Poor Mr PL broke his wrist in a cycling accident a couple of weeks prior to this walk. (It's mended now.)

As we follow the path, which was not too muddy despite the flooding in places, the skies begin to brighten.

Soon we can see Godstow Lock up ahead.

Some pretty autumn colours in the garden of the lock house.

A warning to dog owners about the fast flowing waters.

The lock is quiet. It is a dullish, cool autumn day and the stream is very strong, so there is very little traffic on the river.

We leave the lock and walk as far as the road bridge by the Trout Inn where we turn right. This is the end of today's walking on the Thames Path. However we had planned a circular walk to get us back to our car and our return trip takes us over Wolvercote Common...

where we stop at a convenient seat (behind the fence) to eat our lunch...

... and onwards across the common.

After a searching for a way to cross the railway from the common, we eventually give up and walk back up to the road to cross the railway and then join the Oxford Canal a little further on.

I did not take any pictures along the return walk back along the canal, apart from this lucky shot of a kingfisher.

Beautiful! (It was the first time I had seen a live kingfisher.)
Circular walk to Osney Bridge - return along Oxford canal.

Date of Walk: 18 November 2012
Approx Distance of Walk: 3 km (2 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Car Park near Botley (Grid Reference SP 502073) (fees apply) 
Starting and finishing Point: Car Park as above.

The starting point for this walk was the same spot as the previous walk.
It was a much brighter day, just over a week later.

The water was like a mill-pond in the marina.

This time we headed south towards Botley and Oxford.

We cross a footbridge...

... and walk past the back of houses in the crisp autumn sunshine. There are allotments on the opposite bank of the river, an interesting sight considering we are so close to the centre of the city.

Very soon we reach Osney Bridge where we turn left and head in towards Oxford centre, passing the railway station. This is very much a biking city, as the masses of bikes outside the station illustrate.

After a couple of hundred metres we find the Oxford Canal and turn left again onto the towpath.

Many people are out enjoying a walk on this bright and crisp Sunday morning.

Once again I finish the walk with a shot of some avian wildlife.

After a short walk along the canal, we return to the car park, satisfied to have filled in this short stretch of the Thames Path that we had missed out on previous occasions. We are ready now for a nice Sunday Lunch!

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  1. That's a very nice walk, and I enjoyed seeing the avian wildlife. You captured the birds well, especially Mr. Heron. That's an awful lot of bikes! I think it might take quite a while to find one's own.......


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