Friday, 13 June 2014

I'm back

After a rather long absence, I have returned to my blog. My absence has been partly due to illness, but I am feeling better now. It's rather a shame when you're ill for a special birthday, but that is what happened. But it can't be helped. I will do my celebrating when I feel completely recovered.

This is also the reason that I did not quite make my target of 70 puppets by the end of May, although I made it to 67, which is about two thirds of the way to my 100 for this year, so I'm happy with my current progress. I am now having a break from puppets and knitting something for myself for a change. For my birthday I received a set of KnitPro interchangeable circular knitting needles. (I use circular needles all the time - have done for years.) 

They are beautifully made, good to look at and a pleasure to knit with. Together with this I also chose some very pretty yarn that I've had my eye on for a while - Rico Designs Creative Reflection.

I love the pastel colours in this shade. I also got some in a darker jade green/blue shades. I am making myself a wrap using the pastel shade first.  The pattern is an easy one to remember, with only a 4 row repeat and only one of those rows is a pattern row. It's easy but effective and can be found here.

I have already nearly finished the first of 3 balls, so it's going quite quickly and I'm pleased with the way it's knitting up. It might be rather boring were it not for the constant colour changes, which keep me wanting to see which colour is coming next.

Another lovely birthday present was this pretty rose - called 'Janet'. (That's me!)

Like the wool I am using, the colours of this rose subtly change over time.
We shall find a suitable spot in the garden to plant it soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been ill Janet and I hope that you will soon be fully recovered, a belated Happy Birthday! I love this yarn the colours are lovely, it's going to be very pretty when it's finished. I love your rose too such a pretty pink. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwll - on your Birthday too! Glad to see that you are blogging and hope that you are well on the way to recovery. I think you did well to make so many puppets especially as you were unwell during that time period. Your yarn is really pretty and I love the pattern of the wrap. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Lovely to see you back Janet and I hope you soon feel totally recovered. Brilliant progress on the puppets and beautiful knit tin.I think your rose beautiful and I am sure it will give you years of pleasure. Love linda

  4. Janet, I'm sorry that you've been ill, especially for your special Birthday! I hope you're well now. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Love that yarn you're using--the colours are fabulous. That is a favourite pattern and I've used it many times to knit bably blankets.......Imagine having a rose named after you.......definitely a pretty one.

  5. Hello! I've made the owl puppet and the bee puppet! Love them! Where is the pattern for your cute little bear puppet?

    Charlotte Dudley, Tallahassee, FL

    1. Hi Charlotte
      Glad you like the puppet patterns!
      Actually I've not published a pattern for the bear puppet. I'll try to do it soon!


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