Sunday, 22 June 2014

A day at the seaside

Last week we had a rare day out at the seaside. I always regard it as quite a treat to see the sea. I would like to live a bit closer so that we could go more often, but in reality it took less than two hours to drive to this lovely place, which I happened to spot whilst browsing in google maps. 

It's called Hengistbury Head, and lies just to the east of Bournmouth in Dorset.

Our first glimpse of the sea, looking towards Bournmouth and the Jurassic Coast.

Looking east, before we walk to the end of the headland.

The headland ends in a sandy bar, which forms the entrance to Christchurch harbour.

Looking inland towards Christchurch.

There are good paths all over the headland, and it is not far to walk out to the sand bar. although there is also a little 'land train' if you do not want to walk. There are numerous beach huts and a cafe, as well as a ferry which goes across to Mudeford Quay on the other side.

It was a warm day so we settled down on the sandy beach to have our picnic. We watched this little family of ducklings being coaxed into the water by their mother.

Every time a wave came, they were washed ashore again!

But mum seemed determined to lead them into the surf. I hope they all survived.

We sat for a while at the end of the sand bar and watched the ferry and boats going back and forth to Mudeford Quay, another popular tourist spot that we have visited in the past. There is a fantastic fish and chip shop near here, although we did not go there this time.

All in all, a lovely day out.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day, what a lovely place. I love the sea too and am very near to the coast but the weather always spoils it for us. :)


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