Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Puppet News

I've been quietly working on puppet production in recent weeks, and the progress is good at the moment.

These are the puppets I have made since my last post concerning puppet progress.

Since my last puppet post I have made another 28 puppets, bringing my year's total so far to 60.

I don't have a particular theme this year, I just go to my stash and pick out whatever combination of colours and yarns take my fancy. One thing that gives me satisfaction is finishing off a small ball of wool, sometimes playing 'yarn chicken' in the process. But the nice thing about these puppets is that you can just vary the stripe pattern to suit the amount of wool you have left. When you've finished up a ball, you can feel justified by popping into the local charity shop and replacing it with something else!

So 60 out of 100 puppets is very good progress compared to previous years, and at this rate I'll have plenty of time to make something else for the shoeboxes when I have finished. Will I reach 70 by the end of this month? (Puppets that is, not age, although I do have a dreaded round birthday coming up!) Well maybe, but 67 should be achievable - i.e. two-thirds of the way.

I've really found it motivational to keep a picture of the latest puppet on my sidebar. It's so easy using my iPad to just quickly take a picture and upload it straight away. I think this has helped me to maintain the good progress this year. You can also click on the picture and see all this year's puppets which are loaded into Picasa Web Albums, also visible from Google+. Why not go to the top right and take a look?


  1. Goodness, you have made so many!

  2. Brilliant puppet love as always x

  3. You are doing so well to have made so many already and all of them are so colourful and really cute. :)

  4. That reminds me; it's about time I knitted another teddy puppet. You are so productive!

  5. Where can I find the teddy pattern?
    Charlotte Dudley, Tallahassee, FL


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