Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Back in November 2010 we planted a pear tree in the garden.

It has taken a while to get established, after a couple of very dry summers and a very wet one, not to mention the very wet winter we have just had. Up until now it has only ever had a few flowers in spring.

But now it seems to be well established and is putting on a lovely show of blossom.

We're hoping for some home-grown pears this year!


  1. Pears are delicious and once they start growing you will have lots to enjoy and share.

  2. I hope you get lots of pears. I have one too and I had a lovely crop in it's second year but have had none at all for the past two years, no sign of blossoms on it yet for this year but it's still early for us in the cold North East. :)

  3. The flowers are so pretty. Do they have a heady scent? Hope you get lots of pears.


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