Sunday, 23 March 2014

Character puppets

Having had a successful response to my recent design for an owl puppet, I thought I would revisit some of my other 'special character' puppets.

I worked my way through my previous designs; the frog, the panda, the bumble bee, the rabbit, the spider, the duck, the ladybird and finally, Micky Mouse.
I have previously posted patterns for all the little characters below, and it was a good idea to work through the patterns again, as I did find a couple of small errors which I have now corrected.

The patterns are all available on the 

Next I thought of a new puppet design. It took me about a week to come up with it, but that was partly because I had a busy week, and partly allowing my brain time to work my ideas through.

I'm quite pleased with the new little character - a "Hello Kitty" puppet.

Here she is:

Isn't she rather cute? I think she will be popular for the little girl boxes.

I will publish a pattern for her when I have managed to decipher my scribblings and maybe make another one as a test.

At the moment I'm quickly knitting up a few simple teddy bear puppets as they are quick to make, and my recent production rate has been slowed down a bit by all the character puppets! I have now made 32 puppets, so nearly one third of the way for this year.

All this years puppets can be viewed here, and the latest one is always on display at the top of my side-bar.


  1. Janet. The weeks seem to be speeding by this year ... But so is your puppet progress. I love Kitty.

  2. I love the Hello Kitty puppet. It will be treasured by many little girls.

  3. Well done Janet you are doing really well. I love your hello kitty puppet, she will be loved I'm sure. :)

  4. They are super. They are also perfect for building imagination, much more fun for children than the TV!

  5. Awe, those are all adorable! :)


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