Monday, 3 February 2014

Puppet news

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It's time for an update on puppet progress so far this year.

This is a collection of puppets that I've been making during January.

There are 12 puppets here, and all of them were made by combining this cone of 4 ply self patterned yarn...

... with some other colour or combination of colours of 4 ply yarn. It's quite interesting how different they all look. There's plenty left to knit another few dozen, I think, but I've enjoyed the simplicity of this knitting and the varigated yarn keeps the interest going. I have also been able to use up quite a bit of my 4 ply stash.
Progress has been pretty good and I feel I'm more up to speed than I usually am at this time of year.(Unfortunately my neck and shoulders are complaining as a result!!)

I then decided that it was time for a change. I've been meaning to try to make an owl puppet for a while. Owls are very popular currently and I thought it would be a good idea for a puppet.

Here is my first attempt. A sleepy owl. The construction is rather different from my usual puppets in that it's knitted as one long strip and the folded in the middle, adding the eyes, beak and wings afterwards. 

Mr PL commented that it looks a bit 'boxy' and I have to say I think I agree with him, so I shall have to have another think about the design. I'm not happy to publish this one.

As the sleepy owl took me a week to finalise, I am reverting to an old favourite of rainbow puppets, to keep up my numbers, before trying another owl. I like the pastel shades of this clown. This is number 15.

I have found that displaying a picture of my latest puppet at the top of my side-bar, with the date it was completed, has helped me to keep motivated this year. If you click on the picture, it takes you to an album showing all this year's puppets.


  1. I love combining yarns and agree the results can be surprising and very different. I still love your puppets.

  2. Well done on your progress you are doing great. i love the variegated yarns too and don't those cones of 4ply go a long way! I think Mr sleepy owl puppet is cute and not boxy at all as long as he fits snuggly over a little childs hand thats all that matters. :)

  3. You must be speedy! Your puppets look wonderful with the variegated yarn. Rainbow clown is cute, too, and I really, really like sleepy owl!

  4. Muy lindos tus titeres. Los hilos matizados me encantan.
    Saludos desde Chile


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