Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter colour at Dorney Lake

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It has been a dreary and wet winter here this year. But I know of one place near me that is guaranteed to provide a splash of colour at this time of year. Indeed, I have blogged about it before.

So earlier this week, during a lull in the constant wash of rainstorms, I took myself off to Dorney Lake, one of my favourite spots for a walk.

It was good to see a bit of sunshine and blue skies.

There were canoeists and swans out enjoying the bright skies too.

You could see that the lake was much fuller than usual - the reeds along the banks were almost totally submerged.

I can already see what I really came for on the opposite side of the lake, but first I have to walk the 2 kilometers down to the far end and then come back on the other bank!

On the way I passed these cherry trees in the arboretum which were already showing signs of life due to the mild winter.

I was even surprised to see a dandelion flowering in the grass, although it was mostly very soggy under foot.

However, this is what I really came to see!

I just love to see this mass planting of dogwoods put on it's show at this time of year.

They seem to get better and more colourful every year.

Some more rowing boats arriving as I snap away at these lovely shrubs.

Some of the colourful stems are coming into bud already.

Such a lovely uplifting sight at this time of year! This is my way of banishing the winter blues.

How to you banish the winter blues?


  1. The dogwoods are lovely. I have great memories of watching the Olympic rowers there. I have started going to a gym. My walk there today was wet and freezing cold. But I knew I would soon warm up on the treadmill and the endorphins were very welcome.

  2. I was drawn to that wonderful splash of warm colour in the first 2 photos, and wondered what it might be. Dogwood! We have dogwood here, but I've never seen such a large planting, nor such vivid colour. Gorgeous! What a nice way to banish the winter blues.
    As it's still mostly grey skies and white snow here, I find colour in my threads and my paints to brighten up the day. ('course, reading fun and interesting blogs help too. Thanks!)


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