Sunday, 19 January 2014


The weather has been so strange everywhere this year. Here in the UK the winter months have been predominately wet and windy. We are fortunate to live in a location that is not prone to flooding, although last week when we walked by the River Thames nearby, it was clear that we would not be doing any of our Thames Path walks for quite a while as much of the path has been under water.

With all the mild weather, the snowdrops are well on their way in the garden. Their pure whiteness contrasts against the bright berries of the cotoneasta horizontalis. Also the crocuses are boldly poking through already.

Even if we do get some colder weather now, the snowdrops will survive...

... and the birds will have a meal.


  1. I love snowdrops, I must take a peep and see if mine are coming through :)

  2. We have way too much snow for the snowdrops to poke through right now, and we really won't expect them to do so until late April or May, perhaps, depending on the cold it's extra nice to see yours!


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