Friday, 10 January 2014


A blog is a very personal thing. Bloggers have many reasons for doing what they do. Some use blogging as a tool to express their feelings and opinions, some like to share their interests with other like-minded bloggers, some like to use it to record their personal observations, hobbies or achievements.

Occasionally a blog post may, quite inadvertently and unintentionally, cause upset to other people. This has unfortunately happened to me recently and is the reason that I have removed the content of this post. I have kept the post itself in order to preserve the kind comments that a number of people have taken the trouble to leave. 

In the past I have really enjoyed the many aspects of maintaining a blog. It has opened up for me the chance to view the things that go on in my life in quite a different way. It has given me motivation and inspiration. It had opened up new virtual friendships and has revealed a wealth of new ideas and handiwork that are exchanged and shared daily by so many bloggers who are much more talented than myself. It has given me a chance to share my own ideas and patterns with others, who have always been very complimentary about my efforts.

I don't want to close down this blog, although I have been considering this for a few days. But I know I would miss it greatly if I did that. It is a pity that something that I did with the best of intentions and in all innocence has caused a surprising amount bad feeling and that has made me sad. 

My hope is that things will return to normal soon.


  1. "I think they were pleased with the present."....of course they were. This is amazing and so unique. It is an up to date version of the samplers that girls used to sew and I love seeing those and imagine the hours of hard work that went into them. Now we have electricity. Then, the girls probably sewed by candle light! Your work is a new family heirloom.

  2. What a lovely family keepsake! No doubt it will be treasured and kept as an heirloom. I think you did a smashing job! It's a unique and very thoughtful gift.

  3. Lovely Janet , I remember doing a table cloth for gran and grandad mcgregor golden wedding with all the family signatures on it.

  4. It looks amazing. You are so clever Janet, a great piece of cross stitch.


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