Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Tree traditions

Yesterday I decorated our Christmas Tree.

Taking the decorations out of their box always fills me with pleasure and reminds me of many Christmases Past, in different times and places.
My tree lights have served me for, I think, over thirty years. I bought them when I lived in Norway and up until this year, none of the bulbs have ever failed. However I noticed this year that one of them wasn't working, but luckily I had a spare bulb that had also been in the original packaging from when I bought them!

The candle style lights are all white, and the one at the top has a star to cover over it.

Also bought in Norway at the same time as the lights are my dear little ski-ing Santas! I do love these, with their little green sacks slung over their shoulders. They are also stored in the original box which has a now rather yellowing plastic lid!

There are six of them, and although a couple of them have lost some bits from their ski poles, I don't think I'll ever want to have a tree without them.

Also reminding me of a good friend in Norway is the little knitted angel below.
I first took up cross-stitch when I lived there, and from time have made tree decorations, like the one below.

The little grey cat in the middle was a present from a dear friend who I got to know when we lived in Aberdeen.

The bauble below was bought when we lived in the Netherlands - of course featuring a windmill in Delft Blue colours.

A beaded cherub that I made when we lived in Aberdeen. It's the only time I've used plastic canvas. I think I still have the rest of the sheet somewhere with the cherub cut out!

And another of my many cross-stitch decorations.

This millenium star was made by another good friend from Aberdeen who now lives in Canada.

There is a set of ten of these unusual wooden decorations, given to us by my sister-in-law who was living in Germany at the time.

This bauble was given to me by a friend in Kuala Lumpur, where we lived for a short while, and only spent one Christmas there.

My later decorations have been of the knitted variety, like this Christmas pudding.

Or this little Santa.

This little angel is very dear to me, for personal reasons, and takes pride of place at the top of the tree, just below the shining star.

My tree may not be as grand as some, but it brings treasured memories year after year.


  1. Well it looks just perfect to me x
    Ps I hope my little parcel has arrived x

  2. Souvenir tree decorations sound like a very good idea. I had a favourite purple bauble when I was a child and I'd be delighted to inherit it one day.

  3. What a lovely decorated tree with decoarations from around the World and from good friends too. You must have the best tree lights to have lasted ds many years! Happy Christmas. x


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