Thursday, 24 October 2013

Colourful Clowns

A colourful ball of wool caught my eye recently in a charity shop, begging to be taken home  and made into puppets. It was a mixture of blues, pinks, purples, orange and red. So I rescued it and took it home to make some bright clowns.

The first blue contrast blended in with the existing blue in the wool.

Next I tried a purple colour, which stood out well, and had hair to match.

The black stripes are clearly defined and picked out in the long grey/black hair.

The green blended surprisingly well. No green hair though, but a shaggy yellow.

A darker blue this time, makes the stripes more prominent.

Next try is red stripes, which although they don't stand out so well, make a lovely bright puppet.

The last green worked well, so I decided to try a different green this time.

And to finish with, a nice royal blue.

This little set, which used most of the 100g ball that I purchased, brings the total to 90.

I am currently knitting number 99! Nearly there for this year!


  1. That wool was perfect for clowns and you got so many from one ball. Great buy.

  2. Wow! What a brilliant effort. Now time for a very well earned rest x

  3. WooHoo! Love these colourful puppets!


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