Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn walk at Cliveden

A visit to Cliveden always lift my spirits as there is always something new to see. It's even better when I go with my artistic friend who points out beautiful aspects that I might not spot myself, like the lovely weathered colourings on this huge urn. 

Juxtaposed against the intricate topiary, it looks even more interesting.

The vines were full of autumn colour and looked fruitful.

Walking through the Long Garden, it sadly came over very dull and started to rain. All the borders were full of colour and interest, however, and we tried to ignore the weather.

It's hard to be downhearted when faced with these glorious colours.

Walking on to the main house, my friend admired these old wrought iron gates. Renovation work has been taking place recently and the italianate loggia to the left is looking very smart now.

A multi-million pound conservation project has now started on the South Terrace and stone staircase. The work area has been turned into a visitor attraction, and hidden behind the cleverly disguised building site is a high level viewing walkway, where you can view the work. We decided not to go in this time, as we were really there for a brisk walk.

If you're feeling very brave to can return to the garden on this large slide.
(Sadly it was closed when we were there, probably due to the rain.)

There were large teams of volunteer gardeners at work clearing the summer bedding from the formally laid-out gardens on the Parterre. From a distance the house still looks impressive, and it's so nice that the scaffolding has been hidden. The skies began to clear, with patches of blue becoming visible, and the rain went away.

We made our way down to the river and had a joyous walk in the sunshine.

(Admittedly we were not feeling quite as exuberant after climbing the steep escarpment back up to the house, but it was a lovely walk all the same!)

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a super walk and I have just caught up with your puppet progress. Wonderful.


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