Thursday, 19 September 2013

The next 10 puppets

When I started making my puppets at the beginning of the year, I said that I wouldn't be following any particular scheme, like making sets of 10 or 4 or whatever, like I've done in the past but would just create them as the mood took me. There must, however, be something in my character that likes to group things into sets, because here is another set of 10!

These latest puppets were made with different sorts of self-coloured/patterned wool which I rather enjoy working with. 

Sometimes the wool changes colour quite slowly, over several rows, like the pupet above...

... and sometimes it changes quickly, several times in one row, like this one.

I started knitting in a new variant of stripes, 2 rows of a contrast colour interspersed with four rows of the main color.

I got to like the pattern, and found I couldn't stop  doing it!

I also have quite a selection of 'eyelash' wool, which I like to use for the clowns' hair.

Each one has different coloured hair as well as the body and hat.

Sometimes the hair is short and fluffy...

... and sometimes it's a little longer...

... and sometimes it really gets in their eyes!

This collection brings the total to 77 puppets, more are on the way, aiming for my usual 100 puppets for Operation Christmas Child.

Now that we're well into September, we are getting ready for this year's campaign so I must get my 100 finished before they are needed to fill some shoeboxes in November.


  1. You are getting there! lovely puppets as always I love their co-coordinating hair so cute. :)

  2. So cute with the stripes and the eyelash yarn! Not many to finish, now. Yay!


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