Friday, 2 August 2013

Thames Path - Cholsey to Wallingford

Date of Walk:  28 July 2013
Approx Distance of Walk: 6 km (3.5 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Car Park by Cholsey to Wallingford Heritage Railway
Starting Point: Cholsey Railway Station
Finishing Point: Wallingford Bridge

Our latest walk started a little different from usual. We started out in Wallingford, taking the short ride on the Cholsey to Wallingford Heritage Railway. This stretch of heritage railway is run by enthusiasts between the two towns and we took advantage of this to do a one-way walk along the Thames. The trip on the railway itself was short but sweet and I have written a separate post here about it.

Arriving at Cholsey Station after our train ride, it was a walk of about a mile to join the River Thames.

This was the point on the river where we finished an earlier walk from Pangbourne, and was the start of this walk.

It was a warm day and it would have been refreshing to join the dogs in the river!

We were joined on this walk by Mr PL's brother and his wife.

Once again we saw water lilies in the river, the same as we had the previous week.

The path passes through several fields and is pretty and quiet.
(Maybe as it was a rather warm day, there were not so many people out walking.)

It was not a very long walk, only about 3 miles along the river.
As we approached Wallingford, we passed the backs of some quite grand properties with long gardens that went right down to the waterfront.

This was a specially elaborate boathouse on the opposite bank.

Bees enjoying the teasels.

This building belonged to the Oxford University Boat Club. Quite a grand building.

The path crossed over this turnstile which could be swung round to let the boats in and out of the boathouse.

Clever, huh?

We were happy to reach Wallingford Bridge, where we had started a walk further upstream to Shillingford a week earlier.

Slowly, slowly we are covering the Thames Path.

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  1. Oh, I enjoyed that! Thank you for letting me 'accompany you' your walk. ;-)


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