Saturday, 31 August 2013

Another 10 Puppets

Despite some lovely summer holiday trips and some very hot weather, puppet production has continued steadily over the summer.

Here is another batch of friendly faces.

First of all a ball of pale blue wool beckoned to be teamed up with various other pastel shades.

After that,  a smaller ball of lilac wool needed to be used up.

I then had a yearning for some of my favourites - rainbows! How I love going through my stash and selecting the rainbow colours that blend together....

... be they pastel shades....

... or more vibrant colours.

This latest batch brings the total to 67, which is two-thirds of the way there. This was the status after the first week of this month, before I went on holiday. 

Puppet making is progressing well this year, and very shortly I'll have few more puppets to show you.

Somehow, rather than stashbusting, my stash seems to have grown somewhat over the summer. I really can't understand how it happens. It's a mystery!

All the more reason for taking part in Linda's Stashbuster Challenge this year.


  1. These all look like very happy puppets.

  2. They are all so cute and are sure to be loved by their recipients, I wonder why your stash has grown haha I think those balls of wool multiply behind our backs :)


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