Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thames Path - Cricklade to the Source - Part 4

Date of Walk:  26 June 2012
Approx Distance of Walk: 8 km (5 miles) there and back
 Parking/Transport: Street parking in Ewen
Starting Point: Ewen
Finishing Point: Source of the Thames

Ewen to the Source

The final walk on this stretch took place over a year ago in the wet summer of 2012. The Thames Path passes through the village of Ewen in the Cotswolds, which is where we started this walk. Further downstream, the path was inaccessible due to flooding.

After leaving the village, we joined the young Thames, which is narrow and shallow, but due to the rain, quite fast flowing. We were walking upstream towards the source.

Raining again!

At times, the water this far upstream dries up, although the course of the river is still visible. Not on this walk, though. There was plenty of water flowing through the fields.

The water comes right up to this stone wall.

However, a little further on into the next field, it disappears.
The path out of the field takes us across the road at Thameshead.

We enter the final field of the walk and prudently give wide berth to the bull in amongst the cows.

The river's course is still obvious.

It wasn't, however, obvious what function or purpose was served by this bit of blue hose/cable.

Finally we find the source - supposedly from this collection of stones.

We pose for an explorer-type photo at the stone that marks the source...

... and enjoy our lunch sitting on the conveniently placed stones.

Well, that's one end of the Thames Path we have reached.

We return to our car by retracing our steps.

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