Monday, 15 July 2013

Puppet News

It seems quite a while since the last puppet update, doesn't it? The pile of puppets has been slowly accumulating on the the lounge table, and as the table was getting rather crowded, I thought it was time to photograph them and put them away in the puppet bag ready for November. 

There are 17 in this latest batch, knitted since I reached the milestone of 40 puppets since the end of April.

The first five were made using some bobbly turquoise wool that I found in a charity shop.

I'm not terribly keen on bobbly wool, really.

It makes my already untidy knitting look even more uneven!

But I'm sure some little child will like it.

Next up, some puppets made with some cone wool that I was given a little while ago.

Quite a lot of cone wool, actually. (Maybe there's enough for 100 puppets here - I shall keep a record!)

Being 4 ply wool, I used double thickness.

Which gives lots of different colour combinations.

After this, I wanted something that was easily transportable, as I had a little trip away to Belgium, on tour with my choir.

I managed to do a little knitting on the train to Brussels.

But there was not a lot of time, with all the rehearsing and singing, which was great fun.

Next I used some of my least favourite yarn, very bobbly and uneven. 
Maybe I'll use the rest to make some wiggly snakes.

And finally, a few old favourites - fluffy mohair teddies.

It is a little warm for knitting at the moment, so things are a bit slow, but after this little lot, my total is now 57.


  1. That's a great variety. I agree about cone wool. It goes a LONG way.......

  2. They are all lovely, you are going to make a lot of children very happy! :)

  3. Well done! Lots of very cute puppets!

  4. They are really very nice :-)

  5. So cute and creative!!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  6. We are all struggling in the heat Janet.
    I'm glad to see you are still making your beautiful puppets and once again each have their own personality!

    Well done, Kind regards Suex


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