Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OCC Craft Group - Notebooks

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon with our OCC Craft Group. We were lucky to have a guest leader, Teresa Mills, who comes and takes a session with us every year and gives us lots of creative inspiration.

Teresa is a local artist who works in mosaics. In addition she undertakes project work in the local community and in schools, and we always welcome her to our group as she brings fresh and colourful ideas to us.

For this session she made up notebooks using brightly coloured funky felt for the back and front. She provided us with different sorts of embellishments and our task was to decorate the books.

We could chose from pre-cut shapes of funky felt...

... or we could create our own shapes from scraps of felt.

At first it can be a bit daunting to know what to decorate the books with, but after a little while, the ideas start to develop and flow (with the help of some suggestions from Teresa.)

There were stick-on beads and sparkly sequins to incorporate too.

Some of us had a go at some intricate mosaics as well.

So after a most enjoyable afternoon, with fingers coated in glue...

... we reviewed our work.

I think you'll agree that there are some very creative people in our group!

Teresa also brought along some bright pencils with erasers attached which slip neatly into the top of the notebook.

These notebooks are such a lovely thing to include in a child's shoebox. Not only are they bright and cheerful, but they are an important thing to have in some areas where stationery is not provided in schools - something that we just take for granted here.

Thank you, Teresa, for a fun and inspiring afternoon!


  1. The notebooks are really lovely Well done to all the crafters!

  2. Ooooh, looking wonderful! Such bright and happy designs!


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