Saturday, 27 July 2013

Garden glut

This year's courgettes have been much more successful than last year's, no doubt due to the dry and warm conditions.
Cougettes have a habit of creeping up on you, don't they? You take a look and all of a sudden they've gone bananas! Yesterday I went out to harvest one for supper and there were three whoppas!

I used some of them in this dish of courgette and pesto pasta bake, from the latest BBC Good Food magazine.

I added the bacon sprinkles to give it a bit of colour. Also, instead of grating the courgettes according to the recipe, which seemed a bit of a fiddle and resulted in a lot of juicy mess, I finely chopped them instead. This worked fine, and they had a little bit of bite left too.

We also enjoy eating them grilled on the b-b-q, drizzled with olive oil and chilli sauce. With grilled haloumi and giant mushrooms.

If anyone has any good recipes for courgettes, I'd be pleased to hear of them.

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  1. I have a recipe for zucchini zingers my friend gave me- makes a nice square, sort of like a quiche....let me know and I'll send it to you. I liked making zucchini bread, too, when I had lots of zucchinis on hand, and then I could freeze them for winter, if they weren't gobbled up......


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