Sunday, 30 June 2013

Poppy Love

I just love poppies. They are my favourite flowers. Today I drove several miles in search of a field I saw on one of our walks last year, which looked like this:

I figured that at this time of year, it should be in full bloom.

I have to say that the sight I was met with was not quite what I was expecting, but lovely nonetheless.

Bright poppies scattered amongst the ripening barley.

Wild flowers attracting the insects.

It really is the height of summeriness.

Actually I've been admiring the poppies in my next-door neighbour's garden for a couple of weeks.

Great big blousy ones in assorted colours.

I've been trying to grow some myself this year, but they're puny compared to these.

I'll be asking my neighbour to save me some of her seeds.

Hope you're having a lovely sunny Sunday.


  1. I love poppies too, it's lovely to see them in the fields. I always have trouble growing them in my garden but I do have a yellow one that comes year after year, it's blooms are short lived but lovely nonetheless. :)

  2. I had poppies in my former garden.....not sure just what I'll find in the new place. Happy Sunday.


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