Friday, 17 May 2013

Rhubarb (and Orange) Cake

There's plenty of rhubarb in the garden this year. I thought I'd try something different from the usual rhubarb crumble, and found this recipe for Rhubarb and Orange Cake in the BBC Good Food magazine.

There is actually more rhubarb here than the recipe needs, but even so, 400g is quite a lot.

Quite a lot of juice came out in the macerating stage.

Ready for the oven.

The first time I made the cake, I didn't have an orange, so I just added a little orange juice.
The taste was ok and the cake was very moist. It was not the sort of cake you would eat with a cup of tea - more of a dessert cake, to be eaten with a fork and a dollop of squirty cream.

I made the cake again, this time using an orange, and the flavour was really very good. The orange and rhubarb made an excellent combination. My orange was very juicy, so this second cake was even more moist than the first.

The rhubarb did sink to the bottom somewhat, but it was very tasty. I would recommend this recipe if you have a glut of rhubarb in the garden.


  1. It looks yummy! my friend has a glut of rhubarb, I will pass this receipt on to her and hopefully she will make the cake and give me a piece haha

  2. Looks gorgeous. Thanks for popping over to Chalkys and your kind get well wishes

  3. Looks so good my mouth is watering.

  4. Used some of my rhubarb to make this cake today - daughter, son-in-law and grandson made quite a dent into it. I served it with custard!


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