Saturday, 25 May 2013

Over the garden fence

Last week we spotted a garden visitor relaxing in the garden that backs onto ours.

We managed to get a few shots of this muntjac deer from a bedroom window.

It seemed quite relaxed and not wishing to move away. We don't know how long it had been lying on the grass. I had been noisily mowing our lawn only about 10 minutes prior to spotting the deer. It's hard to believe that the noise wouldn't have scared it off.

Finally it did turn around and moved off.

From the front, it looks as if it is a female, and from the size, probably an adult.

The British Deer Society describes a muntjac's habitat as "over-grown gardens in urban areas". I think that fits the bill as far as the neighbouring garden is concerned.. so she won't be coming into OUR garden then, will she?


  1. What a wonderful sight. I saw one panicking in our road last year. It had obviously got lost and took a blind leap of faith over a high fence to escape. It landed in a steep garden where a neighbour was hanging out her washing. What a fright she had

  2. How wonderful to spot a deer in your backyard. Beautiful creatures.


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