Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Catch-up by the canal

Last week I had a lovely walk with a very good friend with whom I used to walk regularly. For various reasons, we had not been walking together since July last year, so it was lovely to catch up again.

We walked along the Grand Union Canal near Rickmansworth.

The towpath was quiet, with not much sign of canal boats arriving yet for the forthcoming Rickmansworth Canal Festival. The weather was a little overcast. But these things did not matter, for the important thing was to have a good walk and catch up on each other's news.

We left the canal towpath and walked back towards town along the Ebury Trail. The trail passes underneath the railway line, and we found some unusual graffiti in the underpass.

We continued our walk along the pretty wooded path....

... passing colourful beds of forget-me-nots.

We enjoyed the bright greens of spring from the freshly sprung leaves along our way.
We enjoyed the easy companionship that we've shared for over 50 years.
We enjoyed the wind in our faces.

And walking back to town along the towpath again, we enjoyed a nice pub lunch to finish off a lovely walk!

I hope we don't have to wait ten months before next time!

(And a little bit more warmth and sunshine would be nice too...)

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