Monday, 18 March 2013

Where did spring go?

It was almost two weeks ago that we had the first warm-ish day of the year. It seems a long time ago now. Having heard that Dorney Lake had finally re-opened to the public after last year's Olympics, we took a short walk there late one afternoon. It was lovely to be able to return to one of my favourite places nearby and have a walk. I've really missed not being able to visit.

The Dorney Lake site was originally supposed to re-open for public access in November last year, but due to the very wet weather both before and after the Olympics, it has taken much longer to restore the site after all the construction work.

Now it's beginning to look like it's former self again.

Windsor Castle makes a splendid backdrop for those masses of brightly coloured dogwoods on the far bank.

 A peaceful place to walk.

It's difficult to believe that the last time we visited the lake, this is how it looked.

What an exciting day that was, watching GB's first gold medal brought home!

Now the restoration work is nearing completion.

Some turf - quite a large amount really - is being relaid down by the boathouse.

At least the ground is nice and wet, and we've also had plenty of rain since these pictures were taken.

It was great to be back, though, and I'm sure I'll be visiting again when we finally get some more decent weather!


  1. Lovely walking pictures as always.
    Could you be a friend and tell me how to add buttons like Pinterest and Ravelry to my blog.
    SIMPLE instructions please or I might delete the whole blog. I have both my trusty laptop and Ipad so will take the easiest option. Thanks Janet.
    Love Linda

  2. It's good for cycling too - need to get your bike dusted off for the summer!


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