Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thames Path - Teddington Lock to Richmond Lock

Date of Walk:  2 March 2013
Approx Distance of Walk: 8 km (5 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Bushy Park Car Park (Grid Ref  TO160694) Return by bus from St Margarets to Hampton Court
Starting Point: Car Park above then Teddington Lock
Finishing Point: Richmond Lock

On a rather cold March day we set out on a walk that we'd planned a few weeks ago, but later postponed due to flood warnings on the river. This was from Teddington Lock, downstream to Richmond Lock. Parking in Bushey Park, we set off through the park, following some residential streets, down the busy Teddington High Street and finally after half an hour's walking, spotted the bridge at Teddington Lock. We did the walk upstream  from Teddington Lock nearly a year ago, so I didn't include any more picture this time. Once again, we sat by the lock and drank a coffee before setting off on the walk by the river.

The path on the 'Surrey' bank was fairly rural, passing through the 'Ham Lands'. An obelisk marked the boundary between the the Thames Conservancy and Port of London Authority jurisdiction. Eel Pie Island, so named in Victorian days when day trippers would come to partake of the local ale and pies, is just coming into view.

A cheerful river-front garden on the opposite bank featured a red 'Noddy' style car and a giant 'Gromit' of 'Wallace and Gromit' fame.

A little further on the elegant frontage of Ham House (National Trust) was visible. We had thought to stop for lunch there, but decided to carry on into Richmond.

Another elegant house, Marble Hill House, appears shortly afterwards on the opposite bank.

In the distance, the houses of Richmond appear up on the hill.

We've seen this paddle steamer on this stretch before. It is a pleasure boat that runs between here and Hampton Court. We can never quite figure out whether the paddle is actually what powers the boat, or whether it's just for show!

The Royal Star and Garter Home for ex-servicemen sits on top of the hill and is an imposing sight. It appears that it is to be closed as a home sometime this year, and offered for sale.

At last Richmond Bridge comes into view.

As we approach the bridge, we divert into the town for a spot of lunch.

Beyond Richmond Bridge is a railway bridge, shortly followed by a road bridge.

After the road bridge, this footbridge crosses the river over the weir by Richmond Lock.

The sign reminds us that we are now under the Port of London Authority.

A fine piece of Victorian engineering!

Richmond Lock is the last lock on the Thames. The river is tidal here, so the lock is a 'half-tide' lock.

Sluice gates in the bridge are raised for two hours each side of high tide, allowing traffic to pass beneath the bridge. At other times, boats must pass through the lock.

We were now at the end of our planned walk along this part of the Thames Path. We crossed the footbridge, and walked into St Margarets where we caught a bus back to Hampton Court, which was the nearest point from which we could return to our car in Bushey Park.


  1. I can only imagine how beautiful it looks with the sun shining! There is so much history in your photos :)

  2. love seeing your sights on those walks. What marvelous buildings!


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