Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Shoebox Craft Group

At our latest meeting of our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Craft Group, we were given a new idea for making a creative gift out of soap and flannels. This was thanks to Sue, one of our members.

The soap and flannel are made into a neat little 'handbag', with a ribbon as the handle.

Inside is a bar of soap.

The bag is made using a piece of stiff paper or card, cut in a slightly elongated hexagon, as shown above.

The hexagon is placed in the centre of the flannel and the sides folded over around it, and sellotaped down. It needs to be easy to take apart so that the soap and flannel can be used afterwards.
Some ribbon or braid is sewn lightly to the top edges to make the handle, again, just a stitch or two so that it comes apart easily.

To finish off, just sew a couple of stitches to join the two top edges of the bag together.
Add some pretty stickers or a bow to the outside to decorate.
And there you have a pretty but practical shoebox gift!

Thank you so much for coming this month, ladies, and especially to Sue for supplying the idea and the materials.

For more ideas of things to make for your shoeboxes, please take a look at my patterns page, where you will find free knitting patterns for all my puppets and other ideas as well!


  1. A good account, Janet, of what was a pleasant afternoon's craft. Maggie McP

  2. A great idea! I can see this used for a baby shower, too, with little wash cloths and special baby soaps, or a little hostess gift with hand-made goat or herbal soaps. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thank you SO much for this easy but wonderful craft idea! I'm hoping my over 65's respite group will enjoy making them.
    Sue from SBcare

  4. I love this idea. It is best to put the soap in ziploc bags so the smell doesn't permeate the entire box. A hint we received from missionaries on the receiving end of the boxes.


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