Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Puppet News

A few weeks ago I announced here that I would conduct an experiment investigating the amount of yarn required to make a crocheted compared to a knitted puppet. Well, the results are in!

The knitted puppet on the left weighed 22 grams before embellishments were added, and the crocheted one on the right weighed 34 grams. Although the crochet puppet is slightly fatter than the knitted puppet,I don't think it is one third larger, so I conclude that my theory is correct - more yarn is needed to crochet a puppet than to knit one. It also takes me a lot longer to crochet a puppet, but that's just me.

One thing I did rather like about the crochet puppet, however, was the ears. They just seem to stand out better, and look nicer....

... compared to the knitted one. So this has lead me to adopt a new technique which makes the best of both worlds.

A knitted puppet, but with the head and ears done in crochet. The resulting head looks quite large compared with the knitted puppets I'm used to - this is because of the row of double crochet around the edge.

However, I have made a few more puppets with this design.

This year's puppets are turning out to be something of a stash-busting exercise to. Over on Linda's Crafty Corner there are quite a few people actively stash-busting this year, in fact I think I may even join them!

Somehow I'm never quite as keen on dark faces with light features - they have a rather spooky look to them!
Incidentally, if the sharp-eyed observers among you are wondering how I manage to make one-row stripes in my knitting...

... I can reveal that this is because I always knit using circular needles. If I want a single stripe I can just push the stitches to the other end of the needle and begin knitting again with the other colour which is sitting at the opposite end from where I finished. Of course, you have to try and keep things symmetrical and knit back similar stripes later, but I find this gives me more scope to vary the pattern than with stripes in multiples of two rows.

Progress is a bit slow so far this year, but I have been experiencing some health problems of late which are not helping. Last week I was feeling so much better I decided to challenge myself and knit one puppet a day for the rest of the month, to get my numbers up a bit. Unfortunately a couple of days later I had a bit of a relapse, but I don't think it had anything to do with the puppets!


  1. I was very interested to see your end result and it was a good idea to mix crochet and knitting. They look lovely.

  2. Love your puppets especially the crochet one and thank you for stating the amount of yarn it took for each. Welcome to the stash-buster challenge Janet your name has been added to the list and your blog is on the stash-buster blog roll. If you would like me to keep a record of how much yarn you have busted just leave the amount in the stash-buster totals comment section at the end of each month.
    Don't forget to link here

  3. Great idea to use both techniques, and I like the crocheted ears better, too. Hope you stay well. Take care.


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