Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ta-dah! The Journey of the Recycled Cardigan.

It's finished at last.

As they say in best (?) reality TV shows, it's been quite a journey.

It started life nearly 10 years ago like this.
A poncho, which wasn't really 'me', so I never wore it.

Two years ago I ripped it up and started again.

I started knitting a cardigan...

... but part way through....

... it became obvious that I would not have enough to complete it.

I could not find a match for the wool at the time, which was Noro Kuryon, but I hadn't a note of the shade colour. So I made a compromise and decided to knit the sleeves in a different colour.

I didn't like them - too blocky -  so had a re-think....

... and a re-knit.

I was still not happy with the sleeves.

The transition from brown to blue was too stark, so I ripped it back again and softened the transition by starting with the brownish stripe in the Noro wool.

At last I was happy that I'd done the best I could with the materials I had available.

I loved the cardigan. It was comfortabe and warm and I loved the bright blues and greens and purples.

But the collar never quite sat as well as I would like.

Then one day last year, I spotted two balls of wool in a charity shop.


I knew those colours so well by then!

So another rip-up came.

And finally I am delighted with the result.

I tried as well as I could to match the colour stripes on each side and I think this works well, even though it's not perfect. I've seen a few examples over on Ravelry where the stripes aren't matched and I think they look rather odd. 

I wore it for the first time this week to choir practice, and at least 5 people came up and admired it, which was most pleasing.

And the final irony is this: having found the wool again, with the ball band, I now know which shade it was, and when I googled it, I found that the shade is still available after all! (But not at the price that the charity shop were charging. In fact I was so pleased to find it, I gave them a little extra!)

I think this garment will last me for quite a few years. No more ripping up!

And I have several balls of rusty brown wool to find a use for now!


  1. I really admire your tenacity. And the finished result is so worth all that effort.
    Thank you for all your supportive comments of late over at CHalky's
    Love Linda

  2. You look fabulous in your new sweater! Boy, I think I would have given up long before you did. Way to go!

  3. Your sweater has quite a history, I'm impressed that you kept on trying until you got the result you wanted, it's lovely, I love the colours :)

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I was determined to get it right and I think it was worth it!

  5. The finished result was well worth all the hard work. Lovely.


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