Saturday, 23 February 2013

Puppet Progress

Puppet production is progressing, although quite slowly at present. In my last post I said I was trying to crochet a puppet, but am not able to easily crochet and watch TV simultaneously, so I started another knitted puppet for the times when I was wanting to watch the TV (as opposed to just listen to it, which I think is what I do quite a lot of the time!) This one has just about finished off the yellow wool, and completely finished the blue, so that's two more balls from the stash gone.

And here he is - my first crochet puppet! I tried following Linda's pattern, although I decided to be a clever clogs and make some variations along the way. Instead of making the arms separately, I assembled the head and then crocheted the arms onto the body, about 5 rows of 14 trebles, I think. Maybe they are a little too wide, and he looks altogether a little on the chubby side. Maybe I didn't make the body long enough. Anyway, it took me quite a few hours, but I got there in the end.

I've decided to be a little more scientific next time and test a theory I have. My suspicion is this - that although for some people, crocheting is quicker than knitting (not me as yet!) it uses more yarn than knitting. Of course it all depends on the stitches used. I have now decided to make 2 puppets - one crochet and one knitted in exactly the same yarn and as near to the same size as I can manage, and then weigh them to see if my theory is correct. Oh, I haven't got a degree in Physics for nothing, you know! I've started the crochet one, as you see, and once again have slightly altered the pattern, making the front and back in 2 pieces (because I'm not experienced enough to know how to increase and decrease more than one stitch at a time.) Never mind, I have my reasons. This pretty yarn was sent to me a while ago by Linda, so I thought it fitting that I should use it in this experiment.

This one seems to be working out much slimmer than the previous one, which is odd as I am using the same hook, and both yarns are DK. It's surprising what a difference the yarn makes.  The only trouble is that this one has an awful tendency to split, which is making the crochet even harder for this novice! But I will persevere, and report my findings once this experiment is complete!


  1. I'll be very interested in the results of your experiment. In my scarf experiment, the smaller knitted scarf weighed the same as the bigger crocheted scarf. But, as you say, it all depends on the stitch. I think your crocheted puppet is fine. Hands are all shapes and sizes.

  2. Love the hair on your clown puppet, and your crocheted bear looks good-ask Pooh if a bear should be skinny-ah, that would mean less honey and that would never do....! Your experiment should prove interesting.

  3. Love your puppets so cute :)


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