Thursday, 21 February 2013


Many people inspire and motivate us to do what we do, not least those friends we make via blogland.

One of the people whose blog I regularly enjoy is Linda's of Chalky's World. She is always cheerful, creative and very generous and has in the past sent me many things for my charity, Operation Christmas Child. At the end of last year, she once again sent me a package in the post.

 As usual beautifully packed...

 ... and full of lovely hand-made gifts.

And once again, Linda had beaten me in making the first puppet for 2013. All I had to do was give him a face.

Which, of course, I was delighted to do!
Thank you Linda, you inspired me to start knitting my puppets again for 2013.

Another source of inspiration came recently from Una over on Great Balls of Wool who posted recently about an experiment she'd made comparing the speed of knitting verses crochet. She concluded that crochet was much quicker than knitting. (This would explain why some people seem to make so many lovely things so quickly e.g. Linda and her blankets!)

I'm not very experienced at crochet but decided to give it a try, using Linda's pattern for a crochet teddy puppet. Well, I have to say, it is still in progress, but I'm getting there. In the meantime I've knitted another puppet, which I can do whilst watching TV, which I can't yet do when crocheting!

Watch this space! It will take a bit of practice yet for me to be able to crochet a puppet faster than I can knit one.


  1. Wow! My 15 minutes of fame have arrived. I was very pleased to see my name listed as an inspiration. :-)

  2. So lovely to share "the love" with you Una. You will soon be a super fast hooker Janet x

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring lady you are-- it's such a blessing to read about your project to make all those puppets for children! I can only imagine the joy these little treasures bring to the little ones. You have a special gift and I'm so inspired by your ability to give so generously in this very special way-- bless your heart!

  4. Way to go! Glad you're learning crochet. I promised to teach myself, but I haven't done it yet.

    1. It's a slow process, Suz, but I'm getting there!


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