Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Crafting for shoeboxes

Our crafting sessions for Operation Christmas Child started up again this week in Maidenhead.

This month we reverted to an old favourite - felt hand puppets. We make these every year, and the ladies enjoy making them because they can decorate them in so many ways.

Some delicate and imaginative stitching here makes a pretty face.

This one has a happy smile and is nice and bright and bold.

We had lots of felt shapes ready cut by a friend who has a laser cutting machine. They come in very handy to decorate the puppets.

Each puppet will be a different creation.

 Maybe this one will be a "Pearly Queen"? Too much choice!

Some people prefer making friendship bracelets. We're very informal in our group, and people can make whatever they wish for the shoeboxes. Or they can just come along for a chat and some fellowship, if that's what they prefer.

Covering shoeboxes is a task that is always needed. This lady is super fast at it! It's never too early to start!

 Everyone with their heads down, hard at work!

It was lovely to see everyone again after a couple of month's break. We'll be meeting once a month from now on and will try to have a different activity each time. Welcome back, ladies, and thank you for coming and working for Operation Christmas Child.

If you are running a craft group to make things for shoeboxes, I would recommend a visit to Pinterest, where there are hundreds of ideas for things to make. Just search on 'OCC crafts'. If you're on facebook, 'Crafting for Shoeboxes' page has lots of resources too.

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  1. I bet it's a lot of fun getting together to create for your shoe boxes. The felt puppets look like they'll surely brighten a little's one's face with a smile.


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