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Thames Path - Canary Wharf to Blackfriars Bridge

Date of Walk:  14 April 2012
Approx Distance of Walk: 6 km (3.5 miles)
 Parking/Transport: Transport for London
Starting Point: Canary Wharf
Finishing Point: Blackfriars Bridge

You may remember that last year, we decided to try and walk a new stretch of the Thames Path every month.  By and large, we managed this, but I just have not been very good at keeping up with blogging about every walk. This morning I had a review, and found that, over the year, we walked 17 different stretches and walked in every month except March. Obviously we did more than one walk in some months. In addition we also visited a number of local locks so that I can complete my collection of Thames Lock pictures. Of the 45 locks on the Thames, we have visited about half of them, I think.

I also discovered that out of these 17 walks, I have still to write up nine of them, so I am a bit behind. Over the next few weeks I'm going to attempt to catch up with myself on the Thames Path reports, even though some of the walks took place quite a while ago.

To start with, then, I'm going back to a walk that we did last April. As a departure from the usual rural settings for our walks, this took us past some iconic sights of London.

Starting in Canary Wharf, we had a quick coffee and took in the views from Mr PL's company's offices there. Fortunately he doesn't have to travel to the offices every day, as he works mostly from home. Very different from the vast office blocks you see here.

From one side of the building we caught a glimpse of the part of the O2 arena.

At the exit to the Canary Wharf tube station, stands a line of Boris's Bikes.

So on a glorious spring day, we set off on our walk. My sister accompanied us on this walk. (This was before  she sustained a back injury in a car accident in the summer, from which I am pleased to say she has made a very good recovery.)

It seemed to take ages to get away from the vast complex of Canary Wharf, but the buildings are so big that they loom high for a long distance.

However, shortly we encountered views of more traditional docklands buildings.

The river is wide and winding here, and the perspectives keep changing in a suprising way. The Shard loomed up ahead - at this time still under construction. It has since opened.

Even after walking for over half an hour, Canada Tower still looks enormous, but we realise we have gone around a large bend in the river.

And this little canary was a long way from it's Wharf!

After what seemed a long time walking on hard pavements, but was probably only just over an hour, Tower Bridge suddenly came into view as we came round another bend in the river.

I think the bridge probably looks better at high tide.

The area around Tower Bridge and the Tower of London was really busy with tourists.

Another noteworthy building, The Gherkin, can be see from this historic site. The building to the right is the former Port of London Authority building, which has now been bought by some chinese developers who will convert it into a high class hotel/apartment complex.

The round London Assembly building overlooks the Tower from the south side of the river.

Five Bridges in sight here - Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Millenium Footbridge and Blackfriars Bridge.

A little further along, Tate Modern...

... and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre can be reached via the Millenium footbridge.

My feet were sore by this time, but we had some time to kill, so we walked across the Millenium Bridge..

... with an impressive view of St Paul's Cathedral, our final destination.

My nephew was singing in a choir at evensong in St Paul's Cathedral that afternoon. It was quite an experience to be in that impressive building, and it was a beautiful service. We were all very proud to hear him sing in this lovely setting.

It was a great day out, and worth some sore feet to see so many lovely sights. We look forward to doing more walks in London later this year. I hope it won't take me 9 months to write about them though!


  1. Looks like it was a lovely day for a walk. I bet your feet enjoyed the choir performance, too. The acoustics must have been wonderful!

  2. I know that area very well. I was born near London Bridge and volunteer at the Globe Theatre. Small world.

  3. What a wonderful walk. We are paddling along muddy lanes x


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