Monday, 7 January 2013

This week's soup - Parsnip and Apple

Although not a new year's resolution as such, I would like to make more homemade soup this year. Straight after Christmas I made a big pot of the usual turkey soup, from the boiled up turkey carcass. I think there might still be some of the previous year's turkey soup still in the freezer too....

Yesterday I used the remainder of our home-grown parsnips... make parsnip and apple soup.

The nice thing about making soup is that you don't have to stick to a recipe. This was a combination of a half-remembered recipe that I looked up in my sister-in-law's Covent Garden book "A Soup for Every Day", and various on-line recipes.

I gently fried an onion in butter, then added the peeled and chopped parsnips (about 4) and a peeled and chopped bramley apple. After frying everything together for a few minutes, I added about a litre of vegetable stock and simmered until the parsnips were fairly tender. Some of them were a bit woody, so this took about half an hour. Then I blitzed it all smooth with a hand blender, and added about half a litre of milk.

The taste of the apple was quite noticeable but not too strong. Served with some crusty bread and butter, it went down a treat, and we still have four more portions to enjoy another day. 

I can't promise that I'll make soup every week, but will certainly try to make it more regularly, as it is so much nicer than the tinned stuff we normally eat.


  1. You are following in our footsteps ,or us yours. Lots of soup slurping going on here too.

  2. I love home-made soup--mine is usually the kitchen sink variety. The apple and parsnips sound good!


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