Friday, 5 October 2012

Puppet News

It's time to revive this blog, which seems to have been rather neglected of late. Sometimes these days I seem to get blogger's block, and store up so many things to post about, especially if we've been on holiday, that I don't know where to start.

I'll start with some puppet news. I am currently knitting puppet #90, and so I feel I am on target for getting my 100 done by the beginning of November. Somehow I got the thought into my head that I usually complete my puppets on 3rd October, but looking back through my posts, I found that this was not the case - last year I didn't finish until later. So I don't feel so bad.

 Here are the latest:

These were a bit of a departure from my usual design, and an experiment. They're sort of  snakey, crocodile-like with a wiggly tongue. I'm not completely happy with the design, and will probably experiment further with the design at a later date. But at least they're in nice bright colours and will make good shoebox presents for boys.

And next, some two-tone teddies.

And because I had lots of sets of two-tone wool, another set.

Nice and quick to make, these!
These sets bring the total to 88, and another set is on the way.

I'm getting quite busy now preparing for our annual Operation Christmas Child campaign, so now at least I've got an excuse not to keep this blog up-to-date! I've quite a backlog of Thames Walks and holiday visits, but they'll have to wait! 

Little and often, that should be my blogging motto for a while, I think!


  1. Well,slowly,slowly catches monkey always works for me .... Those new puppets are brilliant and will be so welcome in a shoebox.
    Kindest regards Linda

  2. these are great! Lovely to see your blog again. Ruth J

  3. I love the snake like puppets. Any chance you could post the pattern? The wiggly tongues are best. Keep up the good work. Janice


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