Friday, 19 October 2012

Penultimate Puppets

I'm getting there!
96 puppets now completed!

This is the latest set.
As I don't seem to have done many clowns this year, I thought I'd better make a few.

And then I thought I'd better just have a count up, to see whether my numbers were correct.

And sure enough, there are 24 piles of 4 puppets, which makes 96.

I know which ones are my favourites - which are yours?

On with the last set of four!


  1. Just brilliant Janet. I am so glad you have a little break before the 2013 sets. Actually I know you get really busy now but how inspiring to fill all those boxes x

  2. Your clowns are really cute! Congrats on getting to 96 so early!
    I can't choose favourites---I like them all!

  3. Well done on reaching 96! you have been busy, I love your clowns with the magic yarn but really everyone you make is lovely and will bring a big smile to a little ones face :)


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