Saturday, 27 October 2012

Got there! 100 puppets!

I've finally made it - my 100 puppets for 2012 are now finished!

To finish up, a final set of clowns.

It's taken me a while this year, but I'm pleased that I have managed to finish 100 puppets as the busy period of our OCC campaign gets under way.

I think Mr Puppet Lady will be pleased to get the whole lot moved off the floor as well!

Now there's just time to knit up a few cuddly snakes to add to those shoeboxes.


  1. Brilliant!what an achievement. Now the busy bit begins x

  2. Well done. Perhaps we'll get some postings about other stuff now!

  3. These puppets are such happy little folk Janet! Great result...

  4. Well done on reaching your target. That is quite an achievement!

  5. Fantastic puppets. Any chance you could share the snake pattern?
    Many thanks Janice

    1. Hi Janice, there is a link to the snake pattern. Just click on the words Cuddly snake.
      Or here it is:


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