Saturday, 1 September 2012

Two Bee

Two bee...

... or not two bee...

... we're all enjoying produce from the garden.

It's hard to believe the summer has come and gone. At last we're seeing some results, but I have to admit that I've somewhat abandoned the garden to the slugs this year. We're getting plenty of beans now, and tomatoes. But the slugs devoured most of the cabbages, and have killed off one courgette plant and a squash plant. 

The bees seem to be enjoying the sedum and the cosmos which are now in full flower. Here's hoping for an Indian Summer!

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  1. I love your new look blog. I am wondering how you achieved that lovely photo montage for your header bar--- I would love to know but have so many comments about the teddies I might get Lynched. I hope your sister is progressing well
    Kindest Regards Linda


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