Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Games Makers

Well, it's all over now, this glorious summer of sport. On Monday we watched parts of the London 2012 victory parade on the television. We had thought of going up to London to see the parade, but neither of us really like crowds, so after a morning out at Ashridge Common and Ivinghoe Beacon, we settled down to watch it later on.

I'd been making some 'Games Maker' puppets, having been inspired by the friendly volunteer greeters and helpers we'd encountered at Eton Dorney and Box Hill, and their lovely purple and red uniforms. At first one little fella positioned himself in front of the telly....

... soon to be joined by 2 more.

We watched as Heather Stanning and Helen Glover were interviewed. We'd seen them win the first Gold Medal for Team GB at Eton Dorney a few weeks ago. That was so thrilling.

Sir Chris Hoy is looking as happy as the Games Maker puppets, don't you think?

And suddenly another little knitted character appeared on screen!

It was a great show and celebration, and as we watched on the telly...

... number 4 Games Maker was on the needles.

Love this picture! It encapsulates the happiness and joy that was spread by these fantastic volunteers.

So here is the completed set of Games Maker 2012 puppets! 

I hope they'll bring as much fun and laughter to the children who receive them as the Games Makers did to all who attended events at London 2012.

This brings my total to 76 - over 3/4 of the way there, and still managing one-a-day, but only just! 

24 days to go!??


  1. These are lovely - so fitting for the summer we have had.

  2. Hedgies arrived -- Thank you soo much x
    Kindest Regards Linda


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