Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vintage Dress

Last weekend, the choir that I sing in gave a concert. Instructions were given to dress in 'evening dress' - with plenty of glitz! Like 90% of the other choir ladies, it was a very long time since I dressed in a formal evening dress. However, I rummaged in my cupboards and pulled out a favourite gown that I've had for many years. Thirty nine years, in fact!

I bought the dress when I was studying at university. I needed a special dress, as I was elected President of the Physics Society, (not because of any academic prowess, I suspect, but because I was the only woman on my course) and I had to give a speech at the society dinner. I found a beautiful dress that I loved, and which fitted me (at the time I was a rather waife-like creature, and in those days, when sizes only went down to size 10, I always had difficulty finding clothes to fit.) It was expensive at the time, but I reasoned that it was a classic style that would not date, so it would last me well. Little did I think that I would still be wearing it in 39 years!

Being made of quite a stretchy material, I managed to squeeze into it. It is a Frank Usher dress, and as you see, very classic in styling. I recently discovered that Frank Usher is not the name of a designer, but rather a company that has been producing couture dresses for 65 years.

With the dress, I wore a shawl, which originally belonged to my mother, and was made for her by one of her clients (she was a professional dressmaker). It is hand crocheted in a silver and white yarn. It has tassles around the bottom, and every strand of every tassle has a knot in it to stop it from fraying. I'm not sure who tied all those knots, but it was a labour of love! The shawl is probably older than the dress, but matches it very well. (Apologies for the poor colour in this picture - taken in artificial light.)
It felt good to wear this dress again - it has such a gentle swishing movement, and was surprisingly comfortable.  I wonder when I'll get to wear it next?

I also wonder how many of the girls who've been parading in their 'Prom' dresses recently will still be wearing them in 39 years' time?


  1. You look absolutely fabulous! So special for sucha lovely occasion.
    Love Linda

  2. The dress is gorgeous and so are you!!! You certainly got great value out of it. Classics never date do they? It looks as fresh and modern as any dress you could buy today. I still have some of my Laura Ashley dresses!

  3. what a beautiful dress. You look lovely. Bet you were bale to perform with confidence feeling so special.

    I don't think that I would fit into my dresses - my shape has changed a it but my weight has not.


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