Monday, 23 July 2012

Puppet News

It's high time we had an update on this year's puppet progress. I think it's a couple of months since I posted anything about puppets, and whilst puppet progress is a little behind this year, it is quietly progressing.

So first up, the final member of my 'insects' group of 4: and taking up a suggestion for the final member from Suz (and because it seemed like an easy option) here is...

... a colourful caterpillar!
No, he hasn't got any arms, but he does have a lot of tiny feet (at the suggestion of Mr PL.)

Next is a set of puppets with a "Queen's Diamond Jubilee" flavour - in fact I started knitting the first one whilst sitting indoors on that dreadful rainy day in June, watching the Jubilee River Pageant!

It was so cold we had the fire going...

... the rain was lashing down outside...

... and the Queen and the Duke were putting on a really brave show.

And I was snug indoors, knitting!

Here are the 'Jubilee' puppets:

I was a little dubious about the guardsman. Strictly speaking, OCC do not like to have any war-related items in shoeboxes, but as he is in ceremonial dress, and not carrying a weapon, I decided it was OK!

I decided next to rattle off a couple of quick sets of puppets. I've spent a long time fiddling with 'special' puppets this year, so it was time for a catch up.

I always love the bright colours of rainbow clown puppets, and this little group look so cheerful, don't they? Also a good educational tool for small children, teaching them the colours of the rainbow. I think I will be making more of these.

And then I made a set of soft-to-touch teddies, (which are even quicker than clowns!)

Suitable for a little girl or a boy to cuddle. (Note the different colour faces - no two puppets of mine can be identical!)

So that should have made 40 puppets by now, by my reckoning, or 10 sets of four. Still 60 to go this year! 

But wait a minute - I had a bit of a count-up .....

... and found that there were 11 sets of four!

Only 56 to go!


  1. I love them all, you have been busy, love the caterpillar but my favorites are the clown puppets so bright and cheerful :)

  2. Hi Janet,
    I did read your last post with your beautiful dress but I didn't leave a comment. You looked amazing. The dress is gorgeous Janet.
    I'm so pleased you are still doing your puppets. Glad to see you were kept busy on that wet day! Wasn't it awlful. How they ever stood there for that amount of time in the rain and cold ?At least you were nice and snug.
    Your puppets and Teddies are beautiful Janet. You have a real knack for making them.
    Yes we are still blanket making and delivering which is lovely! so satisfying.
    Nice to stop by, sorry I didn't leave a comment before.
    Love suex

  3. They are all lovely but I particularly like the Jubilee ones! A child's eyes will light up when they see any of them lying in their shoebox. My grandson looked through my pile of puppets and took one each for him and his brother! They are now well travelled - Saudi, Dubai and London. I will have to hide them in future.


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